Friday, 21 March 2014

Yellow Glitter Nails...

Using No7 - Twinkle Glitter and Barry M - Lemon.
As I said in my Spring Nail Polishes post I will be doing a post on the few favourite polishes I chose within the next few weeks, the first being Barry M - Lemon. I love this colour for spring. Very sheer so you need a few coats for it to look like the proper colour it's supposed to be, in the end I think I did three coats. I then used the No7 - Twinkle Glitter to make it a little more jazzy. :) 


  1. Pretty summer nails! Nice to see you using the No7 polish I got you :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Love the color and the touch of the No7 polish.

    The Ankalli Style

    1. I love the colour too, it's so nice :)
      Vicki x