Sunday, 21 July 2013


Hi everyone!

I recently changed my name of my blog and now seem to have lost my followers that were following me on bloglovin. If you would like to follow me again I would really appreciate it, thank you :)

Hoping to get it sorted from the bloglovin team asap! :)

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nail Polish Challenge #4 - ' you!'

A Polish That Is 'So You'

Pink Mirror - W7
I'm trying to think of some quirky way to tell you why this is 'so me'. Nothing is coming to my little brain right now though. But I love the colour, its so nice to apply and has a really nice shimmer to it.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nail Polish Challenge #3 - Happy Things

A Polish That Reminds Me Of Happy Things

Limited Edition Pink - Barry M
This colour is just so pretty and cute, not had it long as it was a giveaway prize from Mollie. I just love it & the polish drys so quickly!

Monday, 15 July 2013

New name. New look...

Hii Guys and Gals!!
Hope you're all doing well.

Now this post is very over due, I've been wanting to change my blog name for a while now. As I first made this blog in 2011, not thinking about the name for the blog, I just randomly put anything that popped into my head. At the time, I was listening to I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Therefor my blog name was 'Perfect, I'm yours'. 
No more my friends! Finally...

Welcome to 'What a little Pickle!'
Story behind the name I hear you ask?? Well I've been sitting here for about an hour thinking of a name. There's nothing that rhymes with Vicki, only that one word you should never rhyme with Vicki. We get angry when you do...
I just couldn't think for ages what to call my little blog. Then it hit me, like a bag of bricks. Ashley calls me Pickle so why not call my blog 'What a Pickle' but someone already had that. Damn you. So now we have 'What a little Pickle' I am short so it works well. 

Also the new look I'm loving too :)

Nail Polish Challenge #2 - Least Favourite Polish

As I have been away for a while since I wanted to start this challenge. I shall post one polish every day for this week. So I can catch up :)

Least Favourite Polish

Untitled Color Club Polish
Personally I just find this colour very boring and can hardly see you've even bothered painting them.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Update. Monsters University.

Heyy guyss!
It's been a while.

Oh dear, my last post was 2nd June. I've slacked a bit & i do apologise again for my non-existent posts the last month. I've failed you & myself. :( 

I started my job and ended my job whilst I've been away. I went to work for a company which scan GCSE & A Level papers. So if you've been doing any of those exams this year, It is probably most likely that I was working at the place which dealt with all your papers as it's one of two business's that do that job and where I was, was the main place exams go to.

What else have I been up to...

1. Been meeting a lot of Ashley's mates lately, which has been nerve wracking. I don't know why or how I get so nervous!
2. I won a Blogger competition from the lovely MollieMuses. Which I shall be doing a blog post on now I'm getting back into the swing of things. 

3. I've been playing Ni No Kuni a little too much, and it has now became a slight addiction.

Also Ash and I went to go see Monsters University on Friday just gone. We booked tickets online as we were excited to see it as soon as we heard about it coming out.
--It was amazing, honestly everyone has to go and see it!

I shall be posting again a lot more often now as my job is over and I have more spare time.
Stay tuned...