Saturday, 22 March 2014

Currently I'm... March Update.

I like to do these posts every few months and considering my last one was in September I felt another was due. 

: At the beginning of the year I set myself the challenge to read all of the Harry Potter books and on this day I have only read about the first 5 chapters, so my challenge is not going so well, I suppose. Other than the non-reading of Harry Potter I can't say I've been reading anything else.
Watching: At the start of the month I finally got Netflix yay! So I've been obsessed with Breaking Bad (spoke about that in another post so I won't go into it again) and all the great films they have on there. Also I have just finished the Sex and the City box set for about the fifth time.
Listening to: Avenged Sevenfold, Angels and Airwaves & Bowling for Soup's new album. 
Drinking: Recently I've been trying to drink more water. My skin's not looking it's best at the moment so I'm trying to make it look less dead.
Loving: Having a proper working phone again. For the past month and more I have been without a normal working phone. I have been using two phones, one which only works when it's on charge so I could only use it in the house & the other which had no credit on but used to take out with me in case any one wanted to get in touch with me. A right palaver. But now I have the iPhone 4 and I'm loving it. 
Enjoying: Focusing on myself. That sounds a little selfish but in the past month I've been looking after myself a little more, buying myself little things as I didn't before. I was always focused on somebody else more than putting my own feelings first. 
Learning: Saving. I've never been able to save my money, but I've made the effort to do so now. It's so hard but just saying no to myself has paid off so well.
Wearing: At the moment, I'm chilling in my leggings and converse jumper, just one of those snug days. But I've started to get the shorts, skirts and tights out... Nice weathers on it's way.

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