Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Room Ideas. Home-ware wants,

Hii guys,
So I thought I would share this little doo-dar with you. In August, my sister is moving out of the family home and in with her boyfriend. This meaning, for the first time in my 21 years on this planet... I shall have my own room. Oh yes, it's a great occasion.
I shall be moving from the biggest room in the house to the smallest room, which is a box room. But it shall be mine & pretty!
Naturally I have been browsing the Internet for things to buy for my new beautiful room... There's quite a bit but I'm just all too excited. Is that a little sad? 
Ahh well!

To start, so you can get an idea of how the room will look when it's complete. The walls are going to be this sort of colour... Very pale and subtle. 

My bedding. Considering the walls are going to be pale pink, I want my bedding to take the limelight in the room. Wanting them to be bright and blue. Both of these bedding sets are from Amazon & such a great price. The polka dot bedding is £6.94 for a pillow case and duvet case - single bed, which I think is a bargain! The floral bedding is £8, again for the pillow case and duvet case - single bed. Both great value. Also I would get the bottom sheets from Primark in pale pink as they are very inexpensive costing between £4-£6.

In the room I have now, I do have a pin notice board. But I've always loved the white eraser magnet boards. I just think they look so much nicer so I will invest in just this cheap one from Amazon. Then I can paint the boring pine wood around it a nice pale blue colour.
So then I was searching for some cute magnets to get to go with it, I found these cute cupcake magnets and these vintage bird glass magnets

Wall accessories. I shall start with the blue clock first off, how great will this look on a pale pink wall. Very nice, I do think!
Now I have two sets of wall hooks just because I cannot make my mind up which i like better yet, these will be on the back of my door, as I have no room for coats at the moment.
The first - wooden floral hooks.
Second - cream metal bow hooks.   

These two items, I have wanted since the dawn of time. Ha, about 2-3 years ago I was introduced to these items from various Youtuber's.
The first is a beautiful dressing table from Amazon - only £91. Now for a dressing table like this, that is amazing. For the table, stool & mirror - only £91. Did I just say that!? Second, is a cake stand. But, using it for hair accessories, perfume, make-up... Anything that takes your fancy really. 

That's it for now, & it is a few months till August, so you may see a few other little posts like this before that. 
Is that something that you'd like? Let me know.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weekend Wishlist #9

Hey guys.
Wish list time! Hope you're all doing great. Bit of a mix of random items this time. Still all very loved by me though.

River Island - Top
New Look - Floral Playsuit
New Look - Grey Plimsolls
Anybody else brought these? I had this exact pair about 3 years ago and 'oh em gee' I adored them. I wore them to death, literally. There was half a shoe left when i eventually threw these bad boys away! But I love them, they are the comfiest ever & go with practically everything. So I'm so very happy that New Look have brought these back!...Can you tell I'm happy?!
New Look - Sunglasses
Now I'm really not a lover of spending anymore than £1 in Primark for sunglasses, but I've fell in love with them & I need them in my life. I will be getting those on my face this summer...
River Island - Denim Skirt
New Look - Tank Top
Topshop - Bralet

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bit of shopping! Primark, Mua...

Hii Guys, hope you're all great :)
So i've done a little shopping, nothing exciting. Just picked up a few bits and bobs that I've been needing. Spent a nice day with Ashley in town having a shopping day and went to get food together. Had a great few days with him, again. Anyway, what I've brought...

First off I brought these with my mother, we had to pop to Asda. 
Bionsen Deodorant. This is a Japanese product and I love it. It's one of the best deodorants I've had and I really recommend it. It's around £3.50, so not the most cheapest of products, but it works a treat. 
Look Magazine. 
Loreal Paris Hair Dye in Purple Power. Not tried this colour, but it looks really vibrant and a great shade of purple.

On my day out with Ash, I popped into Superdrug. Just for my favourite MUA brand. 
£1 Blusher in Shade 4 
£2 Matte Foundation in Fair
£1 Eyeliner in Jet Black

I also went into Primark of course and got a few little bits. My original plan was to buy a few        t-shirts for work as my plan was to be back at work today. But of course things always go wrong. So I brought 2 t-shirts, £3 each. These are great to be honest, white ones a little see through but as long as you're wearing the right bra you're all good to go. Both are long enough for leggings to cover your bum. I think they are a good buy for the price.

Purse - £4

Tunes time. Music Tag...

I have seen a few music tags the past couple of weeks floating through the blogging community, which I have got to know a few new bands, singers & different types of music from. I think it's really great discovering music you've never heard before. I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and give my 2 pence of my music taste.
I've saw two different music tags now & I have combined them together to make this post maybe a little more interesting.
So links to the three tags I've loved reading Pale Girl ReviewsMollie Muses and Terri Lowe. Check out all their blogs cause they are a lovely read. 

First Tag

"You can learn a lot about someone from the music that they listen to. Hit shuffle on you're ipod/mp3 player and share the first 20 songs that play. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful, that's the fun part!"

Now i shall be doing this on my itunes as it's just easier. As I only had my laptop in December, I only have 1876 songs on my itunes and 210 of those are Green Day, so expect a lot of Green Day popping up. 

1. Green Day - Baby Eyes.
2. Beyonce - Halo
3. One Direction - Last First Kiss
4. Fall Out Boy - The [After] Life of the Party 
5. Pink - So What
6. Mumford and Sons - After the Storm
7. Blink 182 - Stay Together for the Kids
8. Coldplay - Fix You
9. Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live
10. Britney Spears - Overprotected
11. Eminem - Fack
12. Newton Faulkner - I Need Something
13. Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
14. UB40 - Homely Girl
15. Green Day - Worry Rock
16. The Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
17. The Network - Teenagers from Mars
18. Ollie Murs - A Million More Years 
19. Sum 41 - With Me
20. The Beatles - Lady Madonna 

Second Tag

"Answering the 12 music related questions"

1. What are your 5 favourite songs right now?
Recently I have gotten into my old favourite genre of music, well just two main bands. Green Day who have been my favourite since I was about 14 and Blink 182 who are just amazing. With Green Day having brought out 3 albums at the end of last year and start of this year, I've had a lot of songs to listen to & with Blink 182 bringing out Neighborhoods and their Dogs Eating Dogs EP, again, I've had a lot to listen to. So my five favourite songs at the moment are;
Green Day - Stray Heart
Green Day - Nightlife
Blink 182 - When I was Young
Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
Rihanna - Diamond 

2. Who are your favourite bands/artists of all time?
Well as I've mentioned, Green Day obviously & Blink 182 take the top spots as well as Pink because I adore her. So top 6 are: (was going to be a top 5 but just couldn't decide)
Green Day
Blink 182
Michael Jackson

3. What is the most played song on your itunes?
Angles and Airwaves - Everything's Magic.

4. What was the last album you brought?
Now I think it was Green Day - iDos. I brought that ages ago, I think I need to go buying some recent albums. 

5. What song can you not get out of your head?
Well today it seems to be Blink 182 - Pretty Little Girl

6. What was the last single you downloaded?
I only download albums, so the last album i downloaded was:
Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience

7. What is your favourite band right now?
Green Day. Blink 182. Angels and Airwaves. 

8. What is your favourite type of music?
Literally anything. Rock and Pop mainly but I can listen to anything. Within Moderation.

9. In your 25 most played list, what is number 10?
Shove - Angels and Airwaves. Listen to this song, it's so good!

10. What was the first gig you ever went to?
Long story but, James Morrison. This wouldn't have been my first choice, trust me. 

11. What was the best gig you've ever been to?
Pink at Alton Towers. Oh my god, amazing!

12. If there was one band/album/song you would recommend to everyone reading, what would it be?
Blink 182 - Dogs Eating Dogs EP. It's just 5 songs but they are all amazing. If you're a fan of Blink or not, I'm sure their would be at least one song you would like. 

I tag who ever is reading this to do these tags, or just the one tag. I think it's fascinating to read these so please if you do this, comment below so I can have a look 

Outfit of the day #4

A little midweek outfit post today, how about that!

Newlife Denim Shirt - £3
New Look Cream Vest Top - £8
New Look High Waist Shorts - £18
Primark Tights - £3

Little word about the tights too, I brought these tights from Primark in Autumn time 2012. Only just last week have they developed a hole & I have had a lot of wear out of them. 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend Wishlist #8

Hii guys, hasn't the weather been lovely today!
Well it has where I live, but I've been busy all day inside and haven't been able to make the most of it, which sucks. But soon summer shall be coming... & as you may be able to tell by this wish list. I cannot wait. It's a very girly wish list this weekend, isn't that lovely.
I've had a great week again & I hope you all have too.

Topshop - Vest
New Look - Bracelet
Superdrug - Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume
Now I haven't brought a new perfume for a while. Just been sticking to my Fantasy - Britney Spears perfume. I love it! But yes, I've wanted to try a new one for a while & I am sure I have found the one I'm going to buy. Now the bottle is ugly as hell, I know some people love it, but I think it's actually quite scary. But this perfume is a winner for me & it shall be mine soon!
Accessorize - Swallow Studs
Amazon - Blackberry Curve Case
So I do already have a phone case, but I've grew off the idea of having a panda with a gun on the back of my phone... Not my taste at all anymore. Therefor now I'm not using a phone case at the moment. More importantly though, I have just cancelled my phone insurance so now I'm bound to be jinxed to damage my phone so a new phone case is in order. Plus this one is so pretty!
New Look - Peach Vest

Friday, 19 April 2013

Day out with the boyfriend & some great news!

Hey guys, hope you're all well!
Thought I'd do a little post today about a day out with my boyfriend, Ash. 

So on Wednesday, Ash and I decided to go out, seen as the weather was sunny with only a little wind (or so we thought) It was about 3 o'clock when we decided to go out and got back just after 9. So we did spend quite a bit of time out, only for the two places that we went to. Our original plan was just to go to the pub for an hour and have a little drink in the beer garden. 

We managed to take a few photo's though which was nice, we're trying to take more pictures now seen as the summers coming, at some point! 

So we went out for a pint or two up the pub & a couple games of pool which was lovely, ended up talking to some old folk as well. As you always do. 
Then decided we was hungry so headed for the local '2 meals for £10' deal pub. Both had a chicken burger which was lovely! & then to top it off, had a massive, gorgeous Doughnut Sundae. Wow, it was good! 
Was so nice to have some sun for a change, as you can tell from the photo's though... it was windy!
Just love those days which are just random plans to go out & you end up having such a great day that you never expected. 


Now, for the good news! ...Ashley and I now have our jobs back. We start work together again (all being well) on Wednesday 24th April. So soon! So now my blog posts will be a little more exciting as I'll be able to buy new things for a change. Great! 
Hope you're all doing great. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outfit of the day #3

 Heyy guys!
Hope you're good and have been since my last post. Well the weather was supposed to be nice this week, which it has been (getting to 17 degrees) but that wind has made it unbearable. Hopefully that wind will settle down a bit and get that hot sun out. We all need it after all the snow we've been forced to have.
This outfit was actually from a couple weeks ago, I had to dog sit for my dad at his house at he was going to watch England & Wales rugby match... Least I think it was Wales... Something like that. I haven't a clue.
But yes, the outfit...

Primark Jacket - £15
Grey Scarf - I think this is my sisters, if not it's my mothers so I'm not sure where it's from or the price, this is now a stolen scarf ;) unless whomever's this is claims it back.
New Look Black Vest Top - £2.50
Rowfers T-shirt - Now, this was a t-shirt, but I never wore it as a t-shirt. I was going to give it to charity, until I thought I could cut it up & wear it as a vest, which I did do and I've wore it ever since.
Matalan Denim Shorts - £5
Tesco Black Tights

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Chitty Chatty Sunday,

Hii Blogging folk :)
Hope you're all doing okay, thought I would start doing a chatty post. Just every now and again, just for something a little different and so maybe you can know me a little better. 

I've had a lovely week,
Monday - I spent the day at my boyfriends house (Ash). Didn't do much, just spent time together at his, having a lazy day, as you do. I got the bus back on the night. Don't you think bus rides are soothing, I love spending 40 minutes on that bus ride just with my Ipod in. Even though that bus ride is the most bumpiest ever, honestly & when you're sitting at the back. You do get a sore bum and have to brace yourself when you see a speed bump coming. 
Tuesday - On the morning, I went to a work program I'm on, it's a program which help you find jobs. Their not that great, but every little helps. At the moment nobody seems to be taking on full time, only part time which is fine for me as I'm starting college in September so I'll only need a part time job then for weekends. I didn't do a lot after that, had a bath and just relaxed. 
Wednesday - This was a lovely day, I wasn't planning on seeing Ash today as he had football on Thursday night. (As it costs us £5 each way to see each other, we normally spend a few days at each others houses) But he cancelled going to football to come and see me which was so nice as I wasn't in the best of moods. Just having one of those down days, as you do. 
Thursday - Didn't do a lot this day either, me and Ash spent the day watching films, playing on the PlayStation, on Sims. (Have you tried The Sims Free play game on Iphones & Android? It's amazing, check it out!) We just had another lazy day really...
On the night time we had a message sent to the both of us on Facebook, saying that we can have our jobs back at the end of May which is amazing. Just need to sort out travel, as before they had a bus running to take us all to work, but they have now stopped it. Which is frustrating. But if we can sort out travel, we could be working again by June!! Yayy.

Friday - Me and Ash spent the day in the garden, tidying up. Weather was nice for a few hours so we had the chance to get out there & spruce it up a bit after the winter months. Hopefully next week if the weathers nice we'll be able to get out there & do the rest. Hasn't it been a lot nicer this week, just need the little spurts of rain and all that wind to go away. Get that sun out!!
On the evening time, I cooked a Chicken, Bacon, Leek, Cheese Bake with Pasta. It was sooo good! My mom cooked this a few months ago and it's recently become one of my favourite meals, I can't get enough of it. 

Saturday - My Ashley had to go home today, which sucks. But I will be going to spend a few days with him on Monday. Before we went, we had a nice time. Woke up early as the council decided to send their Lawn Mower people out at silly o'clock. So we had breakfast, and spent some nice time together. I spent the rest of the day just doing my own thing, having some lazy time, yet again.
Today - So I'm sitting here now, it's 2:10, I'm watching Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring and I can smell dinner cooking. My plan for today, eat, watch all the Lord of the Rings films (really need to get The Hobbit!), write some blog posts to post while I'm at Ash's and then have a bath and get all pampered. Sounds like a great Sunday to me.

 My Ollie playing with a tennis ball...

I know my week wasn't too exciting, maybe the next time I do this, I would have done more in the week. Here's hoping! Hope you've all had a more exciting week than me ha ha.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Primark Summer 2013. Part 2

Hey you lot :) Hope you're all doing good. 
I thought I would do another Primark-y blog today, just to show a few more items that they have brought out for the summer. As they haven't got a online store, damn you Primark!
So here are a few of the items I have found here.

Now I haven't been into the store so I am not sure of the prices of the dresses. But the Bustier's are £6 each. Not bad I think...

Vicki x

Friday, 12 April 2013

Weekend Wishlist #7

Hi guys, feels like I haven't wrote a blog post, even though it's only been a few days now. Isn't it great how addicted you get to blogging :)
This is this weekends wishlist & what I've been loving browsing the Internet this week. 
... I also have a new signature :) yayy.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ten things. When money is a little tight.

We all have the moments in life when we're strapped for cash and can't afford to go out all the time, getting invites from family and friends to go out for meals, drinks and get togethers and have to turn them down, as we just haven't got the penny's to do it.
At this moment in time I feel this way as I am not working at the moment and find myself staying in a lot and getting bored a lot of the time. So I've been trying to think of ways to keep entertained and enjoy my time at home.
I wondered if anyone else has the same problems at home, and if so I should share what I have thought of, for those days when you just can't spend money, whether you're saving and shouldn't really spend money or if you just plain and simple haven't got it at the moment.
So here are my ten 'helpful' ways to keep busy...

1. Have a movie day! One of my favourite things to do, go through all the DVDs & even old video's you have and find old favourite's you haven't watched for a while, the ones you've always wanted to watch but never have, maybe look at another family members films and watch one of theirs. Whether you do this alone or ask friends to come round and bring their films, it can be a lot of fun. Cook up a few chips and munches and you'll be good to go. I love a good movie day :)

2. Go for a walk. Now I've got to say I don't do this very often, even though I should. Great way to get out the house, just put your Ipod in and go, maybe go exploring in different ways you have never been (you've always got the maps on your phone to find your way home if you get lost.) Also, don't forget it is always a good way to exercise & can be made fun if you go with a friend to keep you company. If you have a dog to walk make that a great reason to get out the house and keep busy for an hour or two. If you own a bike, maybe a nice long bike ride. Especially now our English weather is picking up a little. 

3. How about a game day? Oh I love my PlayStation & Wii which is why I had to include this one. At the moment I am a real game nerd...
This can be great alone or with friends, finding out old PlayStation, Nintendo games you used to love and getting back into them. Even inviting mates round for a good board game day, everyone loves a bit of Monopoly now and again. There's so many different games to get into now'er days. Get the old favourite's out and enjoy. 

Some of my favourite's I've got back into recently. Sims 3, Spyro, Theme Hospital, Worms & Rayman. 

4. Baking. Now I know this can cost money if you haven't got any ingredients in the house. But I love to bake a cake sometimes & I think everybody in the house doesn't mind either haha. Whether making bread, cake or cupcakes everybody is a winner in this case.

5. Grab a book. Reading can be a great way to keep you occupied for a few hours, not being a big reader myself. I should maybe jump on the bandwagon & get motivated to read. Reading can always be free, even if you have no books in your house, your local Library is the place to be. I joined my Library about a year ago and have had a few books out since. They will have a book for anything you're interested in. The first time I went, I took out two books about makeup, which I really didn't think I would find there. Lucky i did!

6. Blogging. Now I can always spare a few hours for blogging. Whether that's writing my own blogs for everyone to read or browsing through new blogs  I have never seen before and talking to bloggers I've never spoke to. It's a great big community and a lovely experience to have you're own little space on the Internet for your own thoughts and experiences.
And if you haven't got a blog, start one. I don't think you could regret it once you get into it & all the people you begin to talk to. It took me a while to get into mine, but I love it now & can't get enough. 

7. Have a pamper day. Nice and simple one. Just jump in the bath and spend a few hours loving yourself. Spend the rest of the day applying creams, painting your nails and just spending that well deserved time on yourself that you're normally too busy for. 

8. Cleaning out your room. Got to say I think this one will make my sister laugh as I'm not the most tidiest person. But once I am in the mood to give my room a good tidy and a sort out I'll be doing it all day. Now it isn't the most fun activity to do but it feels so great once you've finished and everything has it's place. Even having a move around of furniture will make you feel better (well it does me). 

9. Make a little money? What about sorting out a few old things around the house that no body uses any more and putting them online to sell. Using websites like Preloved makes it free to put things online to sell & if you make your item as 'Collection only' you're in a great position to make money as well as not spending a penny. Also if you have a folding table and a car, get your self down to a 'Car Boot Sale' on a weekend and sell those things in person. Be great to meet new people and earn a little money for yourself.

10. Browsing the Internet. I know I've already said Blogging, but the Internet is massive and has loads of things to offer, not just the usual Facebook & Twitter. It has everything you'd ever want. You could learn something new about history or politics. Anything that takes your fantasy is right here. With YouTube, Wikipedia and Google in general, you can find out about anything and everything.
How about checking out StumbleUpon, this is a great website to check out websites you may have never seen before. Joining up is free and takes less than 5 minutes, you can connect through your Facebook or email, select which interests you would like for them to show you websites for then it generates different websites for you to browse. I love it. 

I really hope this didn't bore you too much and was even helpful to a few of you. Comment and let me know how you keep busy on the days you spend in the house. Be great to hear off a few of you :)

Keep well. 
Vicki xx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Weekend Wishlist #6

Hope you all are well and had a lovely week.
Something new this week, I am now an official member of Riley's - the snooker & pool place. Thought you'd all like to know that interesting fact haha.
I'm back with another wishlist as I couldn't resist browsing the Internet for new things to love and want...

USC - Cropped Joggers
Missguided - Denim Skater Skirt

River Island - Bowler Hat
Accessorize - Owl Necklace
Accessorize - Pumps
River Island - Skater Dress

Strange bunch of items to put together on a wishlist - but the heart wants what the heart wants :)
Hope you all have a great weekend! 
Vicki x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Weekend Wishlist #5

Hii Lovies, 
It's the weekend again, this week has gone so quick. Going to have a lovely weekend at the boyfriend's house (hopefully he can make this cold go away) with his family so all is gravy. Hope you all have great weekends, or just some nice time to put your feet up & relax. 

Fashion Union - Burgundy Skater Dress
Fashion Union - Aztec Skirt
Boots - Max Factor Mascara
Fashion Union - Denim Dress
New Look - Denim Shorts
Fashion Union - Aqua Blouse

Vicki x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Having a green day...

My intention for doing a blog post today would have been an Outfit of the Day, but seen as i'm having a lazy day. I don't think you need to see me wearing leggings, an old t-shirt, a hoody, slippers, no makeup and my hair not looking its best.

So you can look at my nails instead, cause they look rather nice & i love this polish. Even though W7 are known as a very cheap brand of makeup, i do love their nail polish's. This colour is my favourite in the shade called 'Envy'. I love it.

Vicki x

New Look Loves #2

Hey Guys!
Again looking through the New Look website, found some really lovely things to buy and just want so bad! 

Green Satchel
Nude Cork Heels
Believe in Love Top
Aztec Top
Denim Playsuit
Stripe Denim Shorts

Hope you all like my New Look Loves...
Vicki x