Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nail Polish Spring 2014 Wishlist.

All the new Spring nail polishes are out or soon to be coming out and they all look so good! Some of these polishes I want are old but most of them are new and are ready to be mine. I've been trying to save more money then usual (my usual savings consists of nothing so I'm doing pretty well) to spend on new nail products and to get some of the ones I have wanted for a while but haven't got round to buying. (due to my bad saving habits)
Some of the few products I'm craving for at the moment are; 

The Essie Spring 2014 Collection - All of them look so nice and pretty. Really want to get my hands on all of them, I think the colours Essie come up with are so great and I love their individual names. Depending on where you go, you can buy these polishes for around £8 each. 
Especially loving the Hide & Go ChicFashion Playground and Style Hunter.

Barry M Silk Collection - Now obviously this little lot would be on this list. They are so different, I haven't seen a product like this before and I'd love to try them out for myself. These polishes are around £4.
Firsts on my list would be the BlossomMeadow and Pearl

China Glaze Off Shore Collection - Now I'm not sure if these are already out, but I know they are available to pre-order off Nail Polish Direct. There are the two different collections to buy or you can purchase the nail polishes separately of course. The two collections are Stoaked To Be Soaked and my favourite out the two Dune Our Thing. The collections are £29.99 each or the individual polishes are around the £5 mark - If you can find them cheap. 
My individual favourites are Wait N SeaShore EnuffDune Our Thing and If In Doubt, Surf It Out

Models Own HyperGel - Again another new set of polishes you thought you'd find on this list, right? These look great on swatches I have seen on other blogs and I want to get my hands on them and try them out for myself. Now I wouldn't get all of them because I think some of the shades look a little samey as other products but I would get a few. These come in at £5 each. 
The ones I would go out and buy are White LightCoral Glaze, Lilac SheenCornflower Gleam and Red Lustre

Models Own Artstix Nail Polish Duo - I have only recently found out about these and I love the idea, they look so simple to use and would be great little things to take away with you on trips or on holiday. There are twelve different duo's so there's quite a selection to choose from. 
My favourite duo's that I love are Blue Spray, Blibble, Jade Flakes, Snow Mix and Utopia Ocean. 

Models Own Ice Neon Collection - Now I have loved these for a while and I own none of them! So now is the time for them to become mine. £5 each. 
Favourites - Pukka Purple and Pink Punch. 

Would you recommend any other new nail products I've missed? 


  1. Nail polish is my one constant makeup/beauty type thing that I have always loved, so this little post excites me! The Essie colours are so beautiful, but unfortunately I'm yet to own an Essie polish.. :( I recently did a NOTD featuring one of the Barry M Silks if you want to take a read? :), lovely post girly xxx

    1. Thank you Chloe, I only own one Essie polish and that'd only because my sister gave it to me. I never feel like I want to spend £8 on a polish.
      Vicki x