Monday, 31 March 2014

Feeling happy!

I thought I would do a little chatty post today; everybody needs them once in a while. It's the last day of blogging every day in March today and I have loved every minute. At the start of the month I was so organised, having about 8 posts ready to publish and then came the days where I was cramming in a new post at 11pm ready for the next day. In the past month I've gained some lovely people following me and had some sweet comments on my posts. I have been taking part in the #bbloggers chat on a Sunday night and spoke to lots of helpful lovely people that have been nothing but supportive. As well as gaining new followers, I have also found new blogs to follow, so I would really recommend taking part in the Twitter chats. Normally I'm not too good at keeping up with challenges and setting myself things to do each day but this is one of the rare occasions that I have stuck to something. Go me!  
If you saw my March Challenge blog post at the end of February, you would have seen I also set myself the challenge of getting a little bit fitter, shall we just say I failed very much so doing this. I think I got to day 8 and then no fitness for me. Did I mention I'm not too good at challenging myself?

One Direction are making me very happy right now, I have a little obsession with the songs I Would and Story of my Life, a little bit too much of a obsession. But they make me happy. All that matters to me. I think anyone should be able to listen to any type of music as long as it brings out well needed emotion. 

I got a job! The biggest thing I have achieved in March, actually start my first day today. I now work for a clothing store which I'm so happy about as this is the kind of job I've been looking for the past two years so I'm so lucky to be given the opportunity to start something new. Thank you to my sister who put in a good word for me as I will be taking over her job now she has left there. Good luck to my sister in her new job. I think it definitely helps who you know to get a job these days now all the jobs are advertised on the internet and everybody is just a number. A personal recommendation makes so much more of an impact than a CV on a screen. 


  1. Believe me I'm not that good at following some challanges either, but I've been able to keep my promise to live a healthier and fiter 2014. I've already lost 9kg already.

    And yes, everyone should here any type of music if they like it. Congrats on the job, and definitively a personal recommendation is always better, always!

    xo Lu!

    The Ankalli Style

    1. Well done! That's great, I need to be doing some weight losing, want to get a nice summer body this year.
      Thank you very much :)
      Vicki x

  2. Congrats on landing your new job! xoxo.