Thursday, 9 January 2014

Blue Tartan Nails

Nail Polishes used - Wetnwild - White. Collection 2000 - Electric Dreams. Barry M - Black. 
Models Own Nail Art Pen. Nail Art Brush.
  • Start with a base coat and leave to dry.
  • Paint all nails, except the index finger a colour of your choice. 
  • Paint index finger nail black.

  • Paint a white line down the middle of the ring finger and leave to dry.
  • Using a black nail art pen or brush, start to draw lines in a horizontal and vertical way to develop a tartan pattern and leave to dry.
  • Finish with a top coat.

  • Tuesday, 7 January 2014

    2014 Personal goals...

    Image from Google

    Back in the Myspace days, I made a list of 100 personal goals for the year. Obviously being 13-15 they were very childish goals. But I thought I would make a new list for 2014 but only doing 30 goals & we'll see how I did at the end of the year. So my goals for 2014 are... 

    1. Write at least one new blog post a week.
    2. Go to London.
    3. Join the gym.
    4. Once joined, go to the gym at least once a week. 
    5. Get a job.
    6. Start my driving lessons.
    7. Take more photos.
    8. Get down to my goal weight.
    9. Go to a show.
    10. Go to the cinema more.
    11. Save money.
    12. Drink less fizzy drinks.
    13. Eat less takeaways. 
    14. Read more.
    15. Get my second piercing on my ears. 
    16. Have my tattoo covered.
    17. Get a new tattoo.
    18. Use less heat on my hair. 
    19. Go to a festival.
    20. Reach 100 followers on my blog.
    21. Reach 200 followers on my blog.
    22. Try to learn the Ukulele.
    23. Go on a long train journey somewhere.
    24. Spend more time with Momma.
    25. Have my nails done professionally.
    26. Go to the beach.
    27. Drink 2 pints of water a day for a week.
    28. Blog every day for a month.
    29. Get some new glasses.
    30. Buy lots of nail polish and nail art accessories. 

    Good Luck to me. 

    Sunday, 5 January 2014

    Winnie the Pooh inspired nails.

    When I was only a young'un Winnie the Pooh was my favourite thing in the whole wide world. He made me a very happy little person so I thought I would pay a tribute to my idol and do some Winnie the Pooh inspired nails...

     Image from Google.
    • Starting with covering the nails in a base coat and leaving them to dry.
    • Paint little finger a pale pink. Ring finger - a purpley blue. Middle finger - yellow. Index finger - a nude or very pale brown. Thumb - a sky blue. Leave to dry.

    Nail polishes used - Color Club - 39. Collection 2000 - BMX Bandit.
     W7 - First class. Barry M - Nude. Color Club - 51.
    • Once nails are dry and had second coat if needed. Start off by using either a darker pink or a light purple to add stripes to the little finger nail to look like Piglet's stomach. 
    • On the ring finger, I firstly used a very pale pink to draw on a bow. Then outlined it with a black nail art pen to show off Eeyore's lovely tail.  
    • Using tape, I sectioned off the top and bottom of the nail to leave the middle exposed on my middle finger. I painted the middle red and removed the tape slowly and carefully whilst the polish was still wet. Now we have Winnie the Pooh's belly.
    • I then used an orange on my index finger, just on the two sides of the nail. Once dry I used a black nail art pen to draw some little stripes. To look like Tigger's belly.
    • Using the black nail art pen again, drawing on a little bumble bee & some flying lines. Then leave all to dry for a good amount of time.
    • Lastly finish with a top coat and leave to dry.
    Polishes used for the second part. Models Own - Dinky Pinky. Color Club - 42. Barry M - Bright Red. Essie - Orange, It's Obvious. 

    Models Own Black Nail Art pen was used for all black parts.

    Not the greatest attempt at nail art, but for my first go. Not too shabby. Except for my stripey bumblebee who's stripes molded together for him to become a fly. 
    Let me know what you think :)

    Friday, 3 January 2014

    DIY Nail Art Brushes.

    Nail art can be so difficult, and especially if you haven't got the right tools to use, making your own nail art brushes is a solution and it is relatively easy to do. All you need is...

    • Unwanted nail polish.
    • Nail polish remover.
    • Scissors. 
    • Cotton Wool or a cloth.

    Lets get started!!

    • Firstly, take your empty nail polish bottle (or empty out contents) and drain as much nail polish as possible.
    • Fill your empty nail polish bottle with nail polish remover. (Best to buy a cheap £1 bottle for this)
    • Put the lid back on the bottle, give a good shake and leave for around 5-10 minutes to let the polish remover do its work and remove the nail polish from the applicator. 
    • Take lid off and give it a wipe over with your cotton wool.
    • If when you're wiping your brushes and any colour of the polish comes off you may want to keep dipping the end of the applicator in the polish remover and wiping, until cotton wool is clear.
    • Take your scissors and cut your brush into the thickness and shape you want your nail art brushes to be. Cut off any rouge bristles so your brush is smooth to use.
    • Again dip the brushes into the nail polish and dry off.

     Finished product. For nice small simple lines :)

    Thursday, 2 January 2014

    Happy 2014

    Every year we all like to think about our 'New Years Resolutions' and how we're all going to change our lives so much and whilst that is a nice thought, it rarely happens, especially in my case haha. This year I want to keep to my resolutions as they are not too unrealistic, so lets share my aspirations for this year.

    • Join the gym and keep a healthy balanced diet. Quite a common one I think for people, but I joined the gym in July this year and had to give it up in September due to money, but I really enjoyed going and would love to start it up again.
    • Try to keep to a schedule upload for my blog. I do enjoy blogging and I always come to a blank in my ideas to blog about. My mother brought me a diary for Christmas so I've wrote in there a few idea's of what I can blog about to keep me going for a few months. Thanks mom!