Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's On My Tablet...

Now normally the tag for this would be 'What's on my phone' but with my current situation of ending my contract with a broken phone and at the moment using a really old iPhone that I can't do nothing with because the software won't upgrade, I will be showing you what's on my tablet instead. 

I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 & I love it, it's nice and heavy which I love. It does everything I need, who needs an iPad ay! My case originally was just a lime green flip open case but I'm not a fan of the colour so I decided to doodle on it.I have four different pages on my tablet, if you have a Samsung phone/tablet then you know what I mean. This is my front page, it has a cute picture of Billie Joe Armstrong of course. Then my most used App's including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin and Snapchat. Also I have a countdown timer of when Ashley goes away for his Navy training. Only 24 days to go...

This is my main App page and I have way too many games on here. So I have:
  • Zedge - To change alert sounds, currently I have a Wall-E one.
  • Instasize and Photo Editor 
  • Ebay and Amazon 
  • Personal Diary
  • Just Eat and Met Office
  • Pinterest
  • Cartoon HD and TV catchup. Cartoon HD is so good by the way, get it! You can watch all your old favourite cartoons like Pokemon, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Recess, Fairy Odd Parents, Family Guy, there are just loads to choose from. They also have Disney movies! 
  • And a mascaraed of games... Flappy Bird, The Sims, Little Things, Pikachu Classic, Office Story, Traffic Race, Dumb Ways To Die, Find Objects, Subway Surf, Minion Rush and Odd Socks. 
Also on that page I have the YouTube Widget and a Minion battery watcher. (You'll be glad to know my tablet is on charge now.)

Just a random page of a few of my favourite pictures I have on my tablet. A few of me and Ash, picture of my Winnie the Pooh book, few nail designs, Billie Joe again, me and a friend and an old picture of my Nan and Grandad.

Not very interesting but the last page has a calender on and I document everything I do on the different days.

Lastly I thought I'd put in a picture of my Instagram if you'd like to go and follow as out of all the social media platforms, I like this one the most and use it the most.

Do this post too and comment when you've done it. Love being nosey on these posts. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

March challenge.

Bringing back my blog with everyday in March having a brand new post for you. A blog post a day for every day in March, sounds like I can do that... Right?
I have nail art posts to show you, tags and other random bits and bobs. My aim for this - to start to talk to bloggers and make new friends. So you shall be hearing a lot from me in March, you'll be sick of me yabbering on. 

Whilst completing the blogging challenge, I shall also be trying to take part in the Plank and Squat challenge. Which is 31 days of fitness to make your butt and thighs tighter but also to make my fitness levels just so much better before I start the gym again next month or so. I shall also be challenging myself to go for a fast walk or jog for half hour every day for the month. So good luck to me for all this! 
I shall be documenting this onto my blogs for the day so if you'd like to hear about how I'm getting on, check out my posts for March.