Thursday, 13 March 2014

Models Own HyperGel Turquiose Gloss Review.

I love Models Own anyway so this isn't a hard review for me to do, it's my first review so I suppose I had to make it an easy one, right?
This colour is so pretty and it's made me want to buy more of the HyperGel polishes now, it looks so shiny, lovely colour and great to apply. A lot of the Models Own polishes had the big chunky brush to apply it but this one has one of the thinner brushes so it's easier to apply onto the little finger without any going on to your hand. I love it & I've had a lot of compliments on it, which is always nice :) 
Because it's such a lovely Spring colour, I thought I'd do a little design on it too. Plus I get bored, so this took up an hour or so. Using the Barry M - White, nail dotting tools and some nail tape. I came up with this little design just to complete the look. 

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