Friday, 7 March 2014

Beauty Things I Suck At.

5 Beauty related things I am awful at...

Plucking my eyebrows.
Now I wouldn't say I'm really bad at doing my eyebrows, I just hate doing it! It takes too long, it hurts like hell (I know your eyebrows are meant to go numb from the pain eventually when you've been plucking them so long, it's been four years! Why you no numb!), the only good light in the house to do it is the bathroom. They are sneaky, one day you'll think "Having a good eyebrow day" then you'll go into a room with good lighting and you look like you're growing a hairy caterpillar down your face. Not a good look. But it hurts!

Sticking to a skincare regimen.
I am absolute rubbish at this, in fact I'm awful at taking my makeup off at night in general. I nearly always forget, which I know is so bad for your skin. 

Filing my nails. 
My nails look so wonky all the time and I cannot file my nails to save my life. Really need a lesson in this. Three of my finger nails on each hand are squared and two on each hand are circled, what's the deal with that. They don't look too odd to other people, but I know!

Putting on sun cream.
I know this one only applies for the summer and I know we only have a little summer period in the UK but I am rubbish at remembering to put it on when I'm going out for the day in the sun. I always remember when sunbathing but if I'm going out then I never remember and I don't go brown to make matters worse, I'm pale so I burn. I burn so I look like a strawberry for a few days, then I peal so I do not look good what so ever.

Lipstick/Lip care.
Lipstick - Just no, does not work. Whenever I wear a colour which doesn't match my natural lip colour at all I just look like a clown. My lips just look huge.
Lip care - My lips get so dry and I always forget to put a lip balm on. I have a habit of biting my lips too much when they are dry instead of doing something about it. 


  1. Sunscreen should be worn all year round really but I forget most of the time too, oops!
    Amy x

    1. Should it? I never knew that, let's face it though. That's not going to happen.
      Vicki x

  2. I can so relate to this! Plucking my eyebrows is such a painful chore and filing my nails just never happens haha. I'm the same with you when it comes to my skin, taking of my make up is forgotten all too often!


    1. It is, doing my eyebrows, it's awful. Really I should be better at filing my nails, but I suppose i'll get better with time - Hopefully.
      Vicki x