Friday, 1 March 2013

Thing I've learnt this month - February.

How lovely learning new things, no matter what it is. Even the smallest of things.
Few things i have learnt this February, as i didn't keep track all month. I can only think of a small few, i'm sure there's more lurking around in my brain somewhere...

1. Of all my 20 years, no body, ever taught me how to make an Omelette. Well now folks, someone took the time out to show me this marvelous food. Even though i have been able to cook eggs in all the ways possible for about 6 years, Omelette's we're never introduced to me.
Thinking an Omelette for breakfast now...

2. I now know how car gears work, one of the most useless things to know. As i do not drive and do not have the desire to be a mechanic, but i suppose i might be able to pass on my wisdom one day to someone who needs it.

3. Forget Titanic, Top Gun or Pearl Harbor. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is the saddest film, ever.

4. Finally, I've learnt Valentines is actually quite nice to celebrate.
Normally never being a Valentines fan, thinking it's a waste of money and that anniversary's should just be celebrated, not Valentines. I have changed my mind this year, it is actually quite lovely. 

Hopefully next month i will have learnt more. 
Vicki x 

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