Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How i arrange my Jewellery...

Hii there :) 
So I have seen a few recent posts on this subject & I also had a problem with this when I had no where to keep my Jewellery without it getting all tangled and then having to spend hours untangling everything. 
I thought I would show you a few of my purchases and ideas to keep my Jewellery neat and that is also easy to hand. 

So starting off with an easy one, in the top left corner i just have a small box with rings in. The box was given to me for my birthday. Was just a random box to hold my proper present (the box wasn't my present.) So i just painted the lid white as it had 'Happy Birthday' written all over it. & well now, it is my ring box. 

Second, bottom left picture... Where i keep all my bracelets and my watch. This was once a kitchen roll holder, not no more. I painted it white and now holds my bracelets. 

The middle picture, some of you may recognise the necklace holder. This is where i keep all my long necklaces. I brought the necklace hook from Primark for £3, bargain I'd say as this is one of the many few things I've found to organise long necklaces so they aren't all tangled when you want to wear one. So thank you to Primark & they do still sell them, in purple & black.

Last picture, my short necklace holder. This was a present from my sister for my birthday last year, from Dunelm. Again not too expensive. I keep my short necklaces on here & also my feathered earrings. 

Hope at least one of you found this helpful. & hope you're all well. 
Vicki x

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