Friday, 22 March 2013

20 Things About Me

So everyone is doing these posts, haven't got many followers but i thought it would be quite nice for you to learn a bit about me & i wanted to do this post. Ha, got to be honest.
Lets get started...

1. My full name is Victoria Louise Keeling.
2. I start college in September 2013 to do an Access course.
3. In 2014 I shall be starting University. Which i am really excited for.
4. I have 4 tattoo's. Two i love. One i hate. One i can't decide what i think of it.
5. I love movies. Which i shall do a blog post on soon.
6. My favourite song is Good Riddance (Time of your life) - Green Day. This has been my favourite song since i was 14. 
7. I love my pussycat - Oliver.
8. I like baking and nearly always bake something for special occasions. 
9. I love playing Playstation. My favourite games being Kingdom Hearts, Worms, Plants vs Zombies, Crash Bash & Spyro
10. When i love a song, i will put it on loop for days. Until i get a little fed up, but i will always have a special place in my heart for that song. Last song i was obsessed with Kiss You - One Direction. Yes, i'm 20 and like One Direction.

11. My boyfriend Ashley will start his training for the Navy in March 2014. Oh how proud i am of him!
12. Me & my family once got chased by sheep out of a field.
13. I never drink enough. My lips are nearly almost chapped. 
14. I have always hated tea until i was ill in January and really fancied it. Now i love it!
15. I am scared of being a passenger in the car, 90% of the time. Therefor, i don't think i shall ever drive myself.
16. I am fascinated by WW2.
17. The only series of books i have ever read are the 'Fifty Shades' books. I have no idea why. I wouldn't read them again.
18. I would love to live by the beach. Sadly i live in the Midlands. No beach for me.
19. I hate wine. Except for Lambrini, is Lambrini wine? 
20. People always comment on how quiet i am. Only around 6 people can tell you how wrong that is.

Vicki x


  1. Kingdom hearts is amazing! Absolutely love it!

    Why is it you dislike one of your tattoos if you don't mind me asking? And what are the two you love? I love tattoos!

    Love your blog :)
    Issy x

    1. Kingdom Hearts is amazing! :)

      I have a very regretful tattoo behind my ear, from a past relationship which I will be getting covered with a nice rose haha. & the two I love, I have a star on my wrist which I had on my 18th birhday which I do adore & the other, I have "Live, Laugh, Love" on my stomach. I love tattoo's too, do you have any?

      Thank you very much!
      Vicki xx

    2. Haven't played it s long but I think your mention of it has made me want to! aha :)

      Ah I see, the rose will look cute as a cover up though! They sound nice! I love that saying :)
      I only have the one (as I'm terribly poor) wish I had more! But it's a dandelion with birds flying off it on my shoulder :)

      Issy xx

    3. Yeah I think I need to buy it :)

      Awh that sounds really nice, love to see a picture of it if its on your blog?
      Vicki xx

  2. I am closing in on 20 and love 1D too. Not even sorry, I blast their tracks in my hostel room far too often.

    1. They are just too catchy to not listen to!
      Vicki xx