Friday, 15 March 2013

Comic Relief. Red Nose Day Nails.

As i was reading through blogs yesterday, i found a cute post by Lizzie at Lizzie's Blog about Red Nose Day and a nail design she did. You can read this post here.
So i thought i would do my own little design for this lovely day in the UK. 

Bit of a pointer before i start, i know some of the photo's below are not in great focus. I was just getting used to the camera i am using now. Thank you o'sister of mine! But now i think i have the hang of it. 

Nail colours i used are: 
Barry M - Bright Red
Wetnwild - French Manicure White
Collection2000 - Black
Color Club - Top Coat

So i started off painting every finger nail red apart from my ring finger on both hands. 

 On one hand i dotted white on my pointing finger (i know this is not the official name for this finger, but it sounds right to me ha) I also painted a big red blob on my ring finger.

 On the other hand i dotted my thumb with black spots and dotted my ring finger with white nail varnish.

I then dotted on two small white circles (they were circles until i smudged the one, now i don't know what shape they are) and then two tiny black dots. Isn't it cute? :)

I also used the most famous blogging nail design tools around. Brought off

Remember you can get involved and donate by following this link. Thank you.

Hope you liked them as they were fun but a pain to do.

Vicki x 


  1. These are looking good Vick :D
    Nice idea, I didn't think to do any for Red Nose Day, there's always next year! x

    1. Well thank you. Thought i'd make the effort. Why not :)
      There is, you can start thinking of ideas for next year!xx

  2. Hey, you have very nice blog! Super cute nail polish idea!
    Wanna follow each othet on gfc and bloglovin!? Let me know!

    1. Thank you. Checked out your blog & i am now a follower on Bloglovin :)xx