Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy 2014

Every year we all like to think about our 'New Years Resolutions' and how we're all going to change our lives so much and whilst that is a nice thought, it rarely happens, especially in my case haha. This year I want to keep to my resolutions as they are not too unrealistic, so lets share my aspirations for this year.

  • Join the gym and keep a healthy balanced diet. Quite a common one I think for people, but I joined the gym in July this year and had to give it up in September due to money, but I really enjoyed going and would love to start it up again.
  • Try to keep to a schedule upload for my blog. I do enjoy blogging and I always come to a blank in my ideas to blog about. My mother brought me a diary for Christmas so I've wrote in there a few idea's of what I can blog about to keep me going for a few months. Thanks mom!


  1. Really like your posts! Just followed you! xx

    1. Thank you. Followed back on Bloglovin