Friday, 3 January 2014

DIY Nail Art Brushes.

Nail art can be so difficult, and especially if you haven't got the right tools to use, making your own nail art brushes is a solution and it is relatively easy to do. All you need is...

  • Unwanted nail polish.
  • Nail polish remover.
  • Scissors. 
  • Cotton Wool or a cloth.

Lets get started!!

  • Firstly, take your empty nail polish bottle (or empty out contents) and drain as much nail polish as possible.
  • Fill your empty nail polish bottle with nail polish remover. (Best to buy a cheap £1 bottle for this)
  • Put the lid back on the bottle, give a good shake and leave for around 5-10 minutes to let the polish remover do its work and remove the nail polish from the applicator. 
  • Take lid off and give it a wipe over with your cotton wool.
  • If when you're wiping your brushes and any colour of the polish comes off you may want to keep dipping the end of the applicator in the polish remover and wiping, until cotton wool is clear.
  • Take your scissors and cut your brush into the thickness and shape you want your nail art brushes to be. Cut off any rouge bristles so your brush is smooth to use.
  • Again dip the brushes into the nail polish and dry off.

 Finished product. For nice small simple lines :)

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