Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 Personal goals...

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Back in the Myspace days, I made a list of 100 personal goals for the year. Obviously being 13-15 they were very childish goals. But I thought I would make a new list for 2014 but only doing 30 goals & we'll see how I did at the end of the year. So my goals for 2014 are... 

  1. Write at least one new blog post a week.
  2. Go to London.
  3. Join the gym.
  4. Once joined, go to the gym at least once a week. 
  5. Get a job.
  6. Start my driving lessons.
  7. Take more photos.
  8. Get down to my goal weight.
  9. Go to a show.
  10. Go to the cinema more.
  11. Save money.
  12. Drink less fizzy drinks.
  13. Eat less takeaways. 
  14. Read more.
  15. Get my second piercing on my ears. 
  16. Have my tattoo covered.
  17. Get a new tattoo.
  18. Use less heat on my hair. 
  19. Go to a festival.
  20. Reach 100 followers on my blog.
  21. Reach 200 followers on my blog.
  22. Try to learn the Ukulele.
  23. Go on a long train journey somewhere.
  24. Spend more time with Momma.
  25. Have my nails done professionally.
  26. Go to the beach.
  27. Drink 2 pints of water a day for a week.
  28. Blog every day for a month.
  29. Get some new glasses.
  30. Buy lots of nail polish and nail art accessories. 

Good Luck to me. 

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