Monday, 30 December 2013

Instagram Update.

Instagram name - vickilouisexo
Me and Ashley on a very special night. Random selfie. Pretty Ollie. Throwback Thursday from 2010 at Skegness. Weathers getting cold, long jammies. Dyed my hair black and red. Doodle on my tablet case. Oliver. Halloween cookies. Selfie before college. Ashley and I on Bonfire night. Fireworks. German Market. Costa. Me pretty Winnie the Pooh book. Just Dance. Christmas is coming. Doodle I found. Pyjama's Ashley brought me. Ni No Kuni. Ashley and I. Jazzy trousers. Snowman nails. Christmas drinks. Wrapping presents with Ollie. Christmas drinks round 2. Christmas dinner table. Christmas day selfie. Christmas mugs I made for presents. Boots i brought Boxing day from New Look.