Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ten things. When money is a little tight.

We all have the moments in life when we're strapped for cash and can't afford to go out all the time, getting invites from family and friends to go out for meals, drinks and get togethers and have to turn them down, as we just haven't got the penny's to do it.
At this moment in time I feel this way as I am not working at the moment and find myself staying in a lot and getting bored a lot of the time. So I've been trying to think of ways to keep entertained and enjoy my time at home.
I wondered if anyone else has the same problems at home, and if so I should share what I have thought of, for those days when you just can't spend money, whether you're saving and shouldn't really spend money or if you just plain and simple haven't got it at the moment.
So here are my ten 'helpful' ways to keep busy...

1. Have a movie day! One of my favourite things to do, go through all the DVDs & even old video's you have and find old favourite's you haven't watched for a while, the ones you've always wanted to watch but never have, maybe look at another family members films and watch one of theirs. Whether you do this alone or ask friends to come round and bring their films, it can be a lot of fun. Cook up a few chips and munches and you'll be good to go. I love a good movie day :)

2. Go for a walk. Now I've got to say I don't do this very often, even though I should. Great way to get out the house, just put your Ipod in and go, maybe go exploring in different ways you have never been (you've always got the maps on your phone to find your way home if you get lost.) Also, don't forget it is always a good way to exercise & can be made fun if you go with a friend to keep you company. If you have a dog to walk make that a great reason to get out the house and keep busy for an hour or two. If you own a bike, maybe a nice long bike ride. Especially now our English weather is picking up a little. 

3. How about a game day? Oh I love my PlayStation & Wii which is why I had to include this one. At the moment I am a real game nerd...
This can be great alone or with friends, finding out old PlayStation, Nintendo games you used to love and getting back into them. Even inviting mates round for a good board game day, everyone loves a bit of Monopoly now and again. There's so many different games to get into now'er days. Get the old favourite's out and enjoy. 

Some of my favourite's I've got back into recently. Sims 3, Spyro, Theme Hospital, Worms & Rayman. 

4. Baking. Now I know this can cost money if you haven't got any ingredients in the house. But I love to bake a cake sometimes & I think everybody in the house doesn't mind either haha. Whether making bread, cake or cupcakes everybody is a winner in this case.

5. Grab a book. Reading can be a great way to keep you occupied for a few hours, not being a big reader myself. I should maybe jump on the bandwagon & get motivated to read. Reading can always be free, even if you have no books in your house, your local Library is the place to be. I joined my Library about a year ago and have had a few books out since. They will have a book for anything you're interested in. The first time I went, I took out two books about makeup, which I really didn't think I would find there. Lucky i did!

6. Blogging. Now I can always spare a few hours for blogging. Whether that's writing my own blogs for everyone to read or browsing through new blogs  I have never seen before and talking to bloggers I've never spoke to. It's a great big community and a lovely experience to have you're own little space on the Internet for your own thoughts and experiences.
And if you haven't got a blog, start one. I don't think you could regret it once you get into it & all the people you begin to talk to. It took me a while to get into mine, but I love it now & can't get enough. 

7. Have a pamper day. Nice and simple one. Just jump in the bath and spend a few hours loving yourself. Spend the rest of the day applying creams, painting your nails and just spending that well deserved time on yourself that you're normally too busy for. 

8. Cleaning out your room. Got to say I think this one will make my sister laugh as I'm not the most tidiest person. But once I am in the mood to give my room a good tidy and a sort out I'll be doing it all day. Now it isn't the most fun activity to do but it feels so great once you've finished and everything has it's place. Even having a move around of furniture will make you feel better (well it does me). 

9. Make a little money? What about sorting out a few old things around the house that no body uses any more and putting them online to sell. Using websites like Preloved makes it free to put things online to sell & if you make your item as 'Collection only' you're in a great position to make money as well as not spending a penny. Also if you have a folding table and a car, get your self down to a 'Car Boot Sale' on a weekend and sell those things in person. Be great to meet new people and earn a little money for yourself.

10. Browsing the Internet. I know I've already said Blogging, but the Internet is massive and has loads of things to offer, not just the usual Facebook & Twitter. It has everything you'd ever want. You could learn something new about history or politics. Anything that takes your fantasy is right here. With YouTube, Wikipedia and Google in general, you can find out about anything and everything.
How about checking out StumbleUpon, this is a great website to check out websites you may have never seen before. Joining up is free and takes less than 5 minutes, you can connect through your Facebook or email, select which interests you would like for them to show you websites for then it generates different websites for you to browse. I love it. 

I really hope this didn't bore you too much and was even helpful to a few of you. Comment and let me know how you keep busy on the days you spend in the house. Be great to hear off a few of you :)

Keep well. 
Vicki xx


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    Steven Brown

  2. Replies
    1. I find them helpful so I hope others enjoy it :)
      Hope you're good xx

  3. I can relate to money being a bit tight! Great ideas of things to do that don't involve spending money (:

    1. It's not great is it, but life can always be made fun :) xx

  4. Great ideas and free! I recently bought some PS1 games (I know, go me so retro) but I love it. Takes me back too! xx

    1. What you brought and been playing recently? I've really got into Spyro at the moment, loving it! xx