Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outfit of the day #3

 Heyy guys!
Hope you're good and have been since my last post. Well the weather was supposed to be nice this week, which it has been (getting to 17 degrees) but that wind has made it unbearable. Hopefully that wind will settle down a bit and get that hot sun out. We all need it after all the snow we've been forced to have.
This outfit was actually from a couple weeks ago, I had to dog sit for my dad at his house at he was going to watch England & Wales rugby match... Least I think it was Wales... Something like that. I haven't a clue.
But yes, the outfit...

Primark Jacket - £15
Grey Scarf - I think this is my sisters, if not it's my mothers so I'm not sure where it's from or the price, this is now a stolen scarf ;) unless whomever's this is claims it back.
New Look Black Vest Top - £2.50
Rowfers T-shirt - Now, this was a t-shirt, but I never wore it as a t-shirt. I was going to give it to charity, until I thought I could cut it up & wear it as a vest, which I did do and I've wore it ever since.
Matalan Denim Shorts - £5
Tesco Black Tights


  1. It's my scarf but you can use it...for now ;)


    1. Aah I thought so, I suppose you can have it back ha xx