Sunday, 14 April 2013

Chitty Chatty Sunday,

Hii Blogging folk :)
Hope you're all doing okay, thought I would start doing a chatty post. Just every now and again, just for something a little different and so maybe you can know me a little better. 

I've had a lovely week,
Monday - I spent the day at my boyfriends house (Ash). Didn't do much, just spent time together at his, having a lazy day, as you do. I got the bus back on the night. Don't you think bus rides are soothing, I love spending 40 minutes on that bus ride just with my Ipod in. Even though that bus ride is the most bumpiest ever, honestly & when you're sitting at the back. You do get a sore bum and have to brace yourself when you see a speed bump coming. 
Tuesday - On the morning, I went to a work program I'm on, it's a program which help you find jobs. Their not that great, but every little helps. At the moment nobody seems to be taking on full time, only part time which is fine for me as I'm starting college in September so I'll only need a part time job then for weekends. I didn't do a lot after that, had a bath and just relaxed. 
Wednesday - This was a lovely day, I wasn't planning on seeing Ash today as he had football on Thursday night. (As it costs us £5 each way to see each other, we normally spend a few days at each others houses) But he cancelled going to football to come and see me which was so nice as I wasn't in the best of moods. Just having one of those down days, as you do. 
Thursday - Didn't do a lot this day either, me and Ash spent the day watching films, playing on the PlayStation, on Sims. (Have you tried The Sims Free play game on Iphones & Android? It's amazing, check it out!) We just had another lazy day really...
On the night time we had a message sent to the both of us on Facebook, saying that we can have our jobs back at the end of May which is amazing. Just need to sort out travel, as before they had a bus running to take us all to work, but they have now stopped it. Which is frustrating. But if we can sort out travel, we could be working again by June!! Yayy.

Friday - Me and Ash spent the day in the garden, tidying up. Weather was nice for a few hours so we had the chance to get out there & spruce it up a bit after the winter months. Hopefully next week if the weathers nice we'll be able to get out there & do the rest. Hasn't it been a lot nicer this week, just need the little spurts of rain and all that wind to go away. Get that sun out!!
On the evening time, I cooked a Chicken, Bacon, Leek, Cheese Bake with Pasta. It was sooo good! My mom cooked this a few months ago and it's recently become one of my favourite meals, I can't get enough of it. 

Saturday - My Ashley had to go home today, which sucks. But I will be going to spend a few days with him on Monday. Before we went, we had a nice time. Woke up early as the council decided to send their Lawn Mower people out at silly o'clock. So we had breakfast, and spent some nice time together. I spent the rest of the day just doing my own thing, having some lazy time, yet again.
Today - So I'm sitting here now, it's 2:10, I'm watching Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring and I can smell dinner cooking. My plan for today, eat, watch all the Lord of the Rings films (really need to get The Hobbit!), write some blog posts to post while I'm at Ash's and then have a bath and get all pampered. Sounds like a great Sunday to me.

 My Ollie playing with a tennis ball...

I know my week wasn't too exciting, maybe the next time I do this, I would have done more in the week. Here's hoping! Hope you've all had a more exciting week than me ha ha.

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