Thursday, 24 April 2014

Be Positive.

Firstly, how cute is this picture! 

Everybody goes through phases of being negative in their life, whether it's to do with school, family, friends, relationships... Anything, we can always put a bad spin on things in our heads if we're not having a good time in our lives. We need to start appreciating the things that we do have instead of dwelling on the things that we don't have. I for one definitely need to change the way I think about things some times. 

Lorin at Curiously Lorin has set up a great idea of a Unicorn Campaign to get us to take more steps in life to be more positive in our everyday lives. The Unicorn Campaign is a symbol of happiness and will remind us to appreciate life a little more and to make us remember life doesn't always suck - It can be amazing. You just have to let it be amazing and yes, sometimes things go wrong but always try to look on the bright side. 

To begin, 3 things that make me happy. 

Family - I suppose we have never been the closest of families but as I've grown up I've realised they only want the best things in life for me. After making a lot of wrong decisions in my teenage years (and a few since), they have always been there, being supportive and helping me along the way. 

Friends - Let's be honest I don't have many friends, I've always been a shy person so I didn't come out of school with many friends, just a small group who I don't talk to anymore. I have two best friends and they are the most amazing people and I'd rather have them in my life than lots of friends that I don't or can't trust. 

My Mother - Now I know I've said family but my mom really is something special. She is the rock in our family; she can always make me smile no matter what has happened. She's done so much for my sister, my brother and I, and I don't think there is anything I could do in the world to thank her enough. 

So, to join in and what to do.

Copy or save the unicorn button.
Share 3 things that make you happy and ask them to do the same.
Tag bloggers who you think would love to do this.
Send any pics, links to your efforts to Lorin via the comments to the Unicorn Campaign post. 

My 3 bloggers I would love to see do this are...


  1. Thanks for the tag lovely! What a cool post idea x

    1. Heres my post :)

  2. Cute post, i love reading these :)

    Love Emma xx