Friday, 6 July 2012

Weekend Wishlist .1

Number 1 - Union Jack Purse
Saw this purse the other day whist browsing through Ebay (which i usually do) and seen as my other purse is now falling apart a little. It is time for a new one & this one does fit the bill. With this purse only costing £4.99 and a additional £1.99 for postage, i shall try and invest in it soon.

I discovered this skirt today looking at a clothing website i have  just discovered called Shelikes. I think it looks really nice and i really do want to give the website a go as the clothes are reasonable priced. This skirt only costs £22.99.

Number 3 - London Icon Scarf
I really love this scarf, think that the print on it is so cute and very British! But for me this is a little pricey just for a scarf when I'm used to going to Primark and getting one for £3. (I wonder if they have one in this print, must go look) Cost - £18

Another item from Shelikes, i do like this top a lot & think it is very cute with the little blue bird print on. It's very pretty and for £15 it could look good with so many outfits.

Number 5 - Double Spike Ring
I love rings, especially big statement ring so this really does fit the bill to me. As soon as i saw it i really did 'need' it. I will definitely be buying this very soon. Only downside of this item is that it has a long way to travel from Hong Kong to England, but i think it will be worth the wait. Cost - £3.50 - free delivery... Bargain!

I think this dress is perfect for the summer (with what we have of it) and also autumn with tights and a jacket, would look really nice. They have many colours but this one would have to be my favourite of them all. £19.99 which isn't bad for a dress which is this pretty. 

If any one has shopped at Shelikes  online, do you have any reviews on them? Would be helpful in case i do decide to order from their website. Thank you.

Speak soon. Vicki x


  1. Hey nice blog:) glad to visit your blog. it is really fantastic:)

    1. Thank you. Just getting used to keeping on top of it now as i haven't been on very long :)

  2. fab wish list - i want it all

  3. hello doll...
    I'm your new italian follower...
    what do you think to follow me back ;)?
    I adore your blog and your wish list is amazing...
    kiss <3

  4. Love the union jack purse! :)