Friday, 20 July 2012

Items of the week - Rings.

So i thought i would put a little something together each week to show different items of the same category (if that makes sense) that i have found & liked. So this week i'm choosing rings, why not :)

As i'm sure people know trying to think of things to blog about can be hard & i don't want to force it because otherwise, whats the point, i won't enjoy it if i'm forcing myself to blog about anything. :) So hopefully you will enjoy this -- i hope. As i did enjoy doing it.


Number 1 - Skeleton Hand Ring  
    This is a ring believe it or not, i am in love with it. Very different and i want it so bad.
Number 2 - Double Anchor Ring   
Number 3 - Peace Ring   
Number 4 - Enchanted Tree Ring     
    How cute and different. Ha :)

Speak soon. Vicki x

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  1. Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! Would you like to follow each other? :)