Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bad blogger,

Well looking at my last post, i still have been neglecting my blog for another month. Not good and i do apologize, But i kind of do have reasons for this, i'm not just being lazy. 
First off, not long after i did my last post, my phone broke so now i can not upload pictures which is never good when trying to do a blog. I am using a phone with a camera now but as it's an old phone that camera is not up to scratch. But hopefully my phone with be back from the insurance in the next 3 weeks. Happy days, feel lost without it at the moment.

My second excuse is that i went on holiday for a week on 2nd of June, so obviously no blogging can be done in a leaky caravan in Rhyl, Wales. It was my first holiday away with my boyfriend which it was really nice to get away for the week. Even if the weather was a little bit like a tsunami that week in Wales.

Thirdly and lastly, as my boyfriend booked 2 weeks off work for our holiday, i have spent most of his second week at his house. As his laptop has a virus at the moment, i haven't been able to do any new posts. 

From now, is a new start and i will be blogging more (fingers crossed)

Speak soon. Vicki x

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