Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Oh dear...

I've been neglecting my blog, which is disappointing, not impressed with myself. Not no more, i shall be keeping on top of this with some new posts very soon.

Got a few blogs I've been thinking about doing for a while, and i have ordered some MUA products so i shall be doing a review on those as i have heard a lot about them & my sister has recommended them to me. So i shall let you know how i get on with those.

I also want to show and explain how i keep and store my jewellery as i have had trouble before keeping my jewellery in a safe place without them getting damaged. So it may give a few tips to people who are struggling with that problem too because i know i was.

I will also be doing a Primark haul soon as i will be going shopping there for my holidays so i will show whats in stock at the moment and hopefully i get some good buys. Which i have no doubt at Primarni.

Speak soon. Vicki x


  1. ohh, good luck wiv those posts and cant wait for ur new posts xxx

    Check out my blog and follow x

  2. Can't wait to see some more posts!
    I've followed you sweetie and I'd love if you could follow me back as I only have one follower - boohoo :(.
    I'm currently working on a Summer Lookbook and will be uploading my YouTube video today in which I'd love for you to possibly check out.
    Much love, Luce x