Thursday, 12 September 2013

Currently I'm... September update.

I know I keep disappearing for so long & I cannot promise it won't happen again with me (hopefully) starting college soon but I thought I'd do a little update post. Letting you know what I'm currently into/loving. 

ReadingI should really take this option off here as I'm not a reader at all. Only things I read are blog posts, the TV guide, Facebook posts... 

Watching: Celebrity Juice has recently just started again on ITV2, so I'm loving watching that again. Also, Teen Mom, Don't Tell the Bride, X Factor, Educating Yorkshire. I have recently just discovered the brilliance of Catfish too, so whenever I see that on TV, I always shove it on.
Listening to: I've been getting into a few new to me but old bands at the moment, including Lifehouse, Falling in Reverse, Theory of a Deadman.

Drinking: Just yesterday I've found the most amazing drink. The Pomegranate Relentless, amazing. Just need to find somewhere that sells it in my area.  
Loving: Being back in touch with friends. After nearly 2 years not speaking to my friends for stupid reasons. We're all back in touch and it's so lovely just to have someone there when you need them. I missed them a hell of a lot and it's great knowing I have them back in my life.
Enjoying: My Galaxy Tab 2. I had this for my 21st birthday last month. I'm so obsessed with it. 
Learning: Independence. Last month I was thrown into a position where I didn't have someone to rely on all the time. I had to start to go and do things by myself. I started going to the gym on my own, just little things like that... I know it's not a huge step, but when you've always had someone by your side through all things like that. It was a big step for me. 
Wearing: Soon to be, winter hats, scarfs and fluffy Ugg style boots. It's getting cold out too quick.

Hope you've all been well.

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