Monday, 15 July 2013

New name. New look...

Hii Guys and Gals!!
Hope you're all doing well.

Now this post is very over due, I've been wanting to change my blog name for a while now. As I first made this blog in 2011, not thinking about the name for the blog, I just randomly put anything that popped into my head. At the time, I was listening to I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Therefor my blog name was 'Perfect, I'm yours'. 
No more my friends! Finally...

Welcome to 'What a little Pickle!'
Story behind the name I hear you ask?? Well I've been sitting here for about an hour thinking of a name. There's nothing that rhymes with Vicki, only that one word you should never rhyme with Vicki. We get angry when you do...
I just couldn't think for ages what to call my little blog. Then it hit me, like a bag of bricks. Ashley calls me Pickle so why not call my blog 'What a Pickle' but someone already had that. Damn you. So now we have 'What a little Pickle' I am short so it works well. 

Also the new look I'm loving too :)

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